(kind of) featured on the home page of the new york times + what’s up with kate today

Today, the Adobe video that was shot at Vanity Fair is on The New York Time’s homepage (The AD uptop). If you click the link you’ll be redirected to the long cut version of Adobe and Vanity Fair’s partnership.

The funny thing about this cut.. is there’s a scene here where I’m looking at a fashion line up from style.com (love their app btw.) in my chair, but I was taking a NAP.. HAHA……….. It was fashion week! So I was out late the night before, walked in with my glasses because I wasn’t planning on getting “dolled up” till after work; saw all the cameras and video recording devices and was like… FINE I’ll put on my face now. But I was exhauuusted.

Kate sneaking a nap


A much-delayed recap of what’s up with kate.

I hit my two year anniversary in New York this past Labor Day weekend in September. Spent it out in the sun lounging in Montauk with friends. Not a bad way to end the summer and begin my 3rd year here. So much has changed this year from the last. My first year was constant change. First I hopped from job to job. Kate Spade to Vanity Fair, with a few short stints in between including one at GAP. And then I was homeless for 4 months.


(I rambled in this paragraph… it’s skippable. Haha)
I was a nomad of sorts as my friend Alex Kim would say. In September alone I was in LA for a week, and then jumped from one couch for the remainder of the month (first Chelsea, then midtown east, then upper west side). October I lived in a cute little studio in the West Village that had a sloping floor and then I moved a block down for 3 weeks in a 3 bedroom right next to a gay bar (there was always someone karaoke-ing. Didn’t matter the day of the week). There, there lived a dog named B-boy and some awesome people that I’m still friends with today. I lived in a studio apartment in Greenwich Village for the remainder of the year with my dear friend Christophe Wu who had just made the big move to NY (He’s now happily settled back in the bay with Google now though :])!

/end kate’s days of when she was homeless


However much of a hectic time this was for me in having to worry about where I was living next just about every week… to having suitcases and my stuff split in 4 different apartments… I want to say… that period of my life is when I best got to know New York. You really don’t get to know the neighborhoods of New York till you live there.

The year of 2011 started with a home (finally!) and two awesome roommates both from UC Davis, but… we didn’t know each other from there (LoL). I had my contract with VF for a year as well. For once life in New York had a bit of the word stable in it. The following is a snippet of what life is like at Vanity Fair, taken from the Adobe Max 2011 Conference (a shorter cut of the video on the Adobe website).

And here’s a candid shot of me laughing because they asked me to walk back and forth in front of our entrance while they filmed and snapped a picture of us while we worked…


I almost went through a whole year without any drastic change. But BAM of course New York had to throw me another curve ball. There’s a new creative director (aka I have a new boss) at Vanity Fair. He’s just started and is a super nice guy. I see change coming in the future! But hopefully it’s good change :].

So that’s it in What’s Up with Kate Today. Hope you enjoyed. Sorry for the MIA-ness. Haven’t been sure what to blog about as of late.


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