my favorite things from my 20’s

The big 3-0 happened… in December of 2016. I wrote a draft of this post in January 2017, again in April 2017, again in Oct and thought I may as well wait until the end of my first year being 30. Now it’s January 2018. Haha. Writing seems harder in my 30’s. My attention span is shot and things aren’t as bright and shiny as they used to be. I try to keep a pretty collection of images on my Instagram to summarize life in pictures (that seems easier).

When you hit 30, you feel like you should have accomplished a lot in your life. In your 20’s you’re young and eager and you have so much time. When you’re 30, you reflect on where you thought you would be at 30 when you were 20. That being said, I moved to New York fall 2009 wanting to get into Publishing or Fashion. I knew no-one and had no job – AND IT WAS HARD. In the 8 years I’ve lived here I worked at Kate Spade, Vanity Fair, Marie Claire (fashion + publishing ✓CHECK), and now I have returned back to tech (and hit six figures ✓CHECK). I have a solid set of new friends that I’ve made over the 8 years being here (some have since left NY…), and I have a pretty awesome boyfriend who’s a brilliant designer named Jerald Saddle. So I did a lot in my 20’s. I’m pretty proud of it I guess. But now that I’m 30, I’m like WHAT NOW, I SHOULD BE FURTHER.

I have no clue how to attack my 30’s. But, I feel like I should reminisce and remember my 20’s.


20th Bday – December 2006 Disneyland > 30th Bday – December 2016 Tulum

Favorite things from my 20’s

  1. College
  2. Going abroad
  3. My senior project
  4. The summer after college
  5. Move out of California
  6. Being young and eager
  7. Working in Publishing
  8. Living in New York
  9. Switching back to Tech
  10. Finally able to afford traveling


When I hit 30, I realized how much I miss learning topics that I don’t need to know in my profession. I don’t miss studying, but I suppose that was the only way for us to remember facts, vs referencing Google. Davis was also an amazing college community.

Going Abroad

This was my first experience traveling alone. I didn’t do this through a college program; I found an internship abroad program as I had enough credits already. I packed 2 suitcases (which got lost and were delivered to me 3 days later) and went solo to Florence, Italy. Made new friends. Met a really nice bartender. Spent all my hard earned money I got from interning and working in college, cuz as one friend pointed out to me, when would I be back? Eventually, I stopped going to my Italian classes and started traveling around Europe near the end of my stay. It was amazing.

My Senior Project

Since I wasn’t at an art school, there was no senior year art thesis or anything of that sort, so I made my own senior project. By then I had decided that publishing + fashion were the industries I was interested in, so I set out to do mock photoshoots with 4 photographers, 1 fashion designer from Davis, and a hair and makeup artist I met during the fashion shows UC Davis held during Picnic Day. I had a blast. I still miss art directing.

Summer after College

I remember this being a pretty amazing summer. It was my first and only summer off since college started since I took classes at college the summer before my freshmen year, my freshmen year summer, and I interned all the following summers. So it was nice to have one summer off before starting the work grind. I made some lasting friendships during this time that I’m so appreciative of.

Moving out of California

I grew up in a bubble. I still kind of am in a bubble. I knew I wanted to move to NY after I graduated because 1. I wanted to pursue fashion and or publishing (which left me with LA or NY) 2. I knew I needed to try living somewhere outside of California. Being a designer I do think it’s crucial to meet different people and experience different cultures. I knew I was limiting myself by staying in California.

Working in Publishing

My first real job (well I guess technically still not real cuz they kept me as a contractor, even though I was there for THREE YEARS, no I’m not bitter), was at Vanity Fair. I met some really smart and amazing people there and am lucky to have worked someplace as prestigious as VF for my first “job”. When I went to Marie Claire, it was the one job I’ve had where my coworkers were my family (I miss it to this day). The beauty of working in publishing is that you’re working on new content every month and that made it very creatively stimulating. The con of working in publishing is that demand is high (regardless of magazines slowly folding) and therefore performance reviews don’t exist for the specific reason of them then never having to promote anyone. It was unfortunate because there are so many brilliant people in the industry.


Living in New York

… IS AMAZING. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. If you’re not here, I have one question, WHY?

Switching back to Tech

I did this for 3 reasons. 1. After working at 2 magazines, and them refusing to meet with me about my future with them, it was time to leave that industry. 2. It’s the future 3. The pay is so much better

Finally able to afford traveling

I almost doubled my salary going into tech. I actually don’t know how I lived on my salary in NY before I made the switch, but it’s nice having some money to travel with friends (and also go to ppl’s weddings!). #grownup

The first and the last photo are by Sarah Dawson

Thanks so much for reading guys <3



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