bringing home the gold from spd

On May 10th (yes, I know, when you have instant social media outlets, the blog tends to get pushed back the latest) at the 48th Annual SPD Gala. My section at Vanity Fair, the Vanities Section, overseen by Creative Director Chris Dixon, won GOLD for Design Section in Multiple Issues.

what’s spd?

Society of Publication Design. You can check out their website here (which is a beauty btw).

what is the award i won for?

Here’s a copy paste from SPD announcing the winners:

The Society of Publication Designers is proud to announce the Gold and Silver Medal Winners of our 48th Annual Design Competition held in February of this year. A total of 83 Gold Medals and 79 Silver Medals for Design, Photography, Illustrations and Digital work were presented at the 2013 SPD Awards Gala, Friday, May 10th. Celebrating its 48th anniversary, the SPD Competition yields only the highest examples of editorial design, photography and illustration excellence across all platforms.

what category did i win?

I won GOLD for Design Section in Multiple Issues.

The month’s considered were from March, September and December. Here are some of the pages:



My section is the Vanities section. It tends to deal with cramming a few stories into one page and having a lot of details, whether it’s with illustration, graphic elements, or most often than not, both. In September, the Vanities section was redesigned under the keen eyes of Chris Dixon and Chris Mueller, and now it’s pretty much my baby that I oversee.

what was my reaction?

My reaction which was posted real time via instagram here:

Which was pretty much me being really ecstatic :]. Though it’s kind of funny looking back at these layouts because they same so old now! Which I guess they technically are.

Alright that’s it. Sorry this seemed like such a lazy post. It did still take me about an hour or so to organize.

Enjoy! To whomever is reading :].


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