So when I first drafted this the Monday after oscars. My firefox died. Boo. Figures. So I’m going to keep it short and sweet.

my contribution to the oscars this year…

…was the circle on the “red” carpet that the pretty people stood on to get their pictures taken at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party.

Isn’t it pretty? The funny thing is. When I was first designing this, they originally wanted 3 rings. Like so:


But. There was a fundamental problem (and a reason why there’s only 2 rings in the final design). Yea sure it looks great on screen, but I was doing some math… The rings were to be the same width as the stripes, which were 1 foot 4 inches. If you have 3 rings… the diameter of the circle becomes 80 inches wide – which is 6′ 8″ — pause. Yea that’s not right. Just imagine a really tall super model with 6-inch heels, or say an NBA player who when you’re standing next to them you feel like you’re short regardless that you’re tall for an Asian girl at 5’6″, laying down sideways, and you standing in the middle. The circle would be GINORMous.  (As to those still doing the math. it’s not 16 x3 rings – don’t forget the other 3 side of the rings. And yes this was the most math I’ve done in some time.)

Anyways. The issue was addressed, and the circle became just 2 rings, and less of that of a Target ad. There was such an old Hollywood glamor feel to the whole look with the green and cream striped carpet. I quite liked it (though I cannot take credit for that design choice). It makes the dresses look so much better too, since red’s (of the red carpet) not the easiest color to compliment.

I was going to add a cheesy picture of my head photoshopped at the party. But I decided it was too cheesy.

So with that… I bid you adieu!